BLUETEC range of pre-moulded fibre glass pool designs varies from small spa size pools to larger family size pools which caters for all aspects to the industry’s needs. Bluetec commits to supply the industry with the highest quality of pools and installations at affordable prices that will guarantee the clients full satisfaction. Bluetec can also design and customize pools according to the client’s needs and specifications.

Bluetec is not only an experienced and trusted manufacturer, our installation team also comprises of years of extensive knowledge in the civil engineering industry. Through this knowledge and expertise Bluetec also ensures the best quality installations in any conditions that will guarantee total peace of mind and years of client satisfaction.


  1. Mould Designs: The moulds are designed to manufacture the shell without any joints which ensures no leaking or joint cracks.
  2. Chemical Resistant: Bluetec’s swimming pools have a non-porous surface that is resistant to strong chemicals.
  3. Easy to Clean: Dirty spots can be wiped off occasionally.
  4. Healthy and Hygienic: No porous plaster surface where bacteria and infectious germs can accumulate.
  5. No Maintenance: No need to re-plaster or repaint. Smooth non-porous surface insures no algae accumulation.
  6. Flexible: Unlike concrete pools fibre glass is flexible to a certain amount which ensures resistant against unstable soil conditions.
  7. Fast Installation: Your pool can easily be installed within 3 – 10 days.


DIY – Shell: 1 x Shell
1 x LED Pool Light
1 x Weir
2 x Aim flows
DIY – Complete

1 x Plumbed shell
1 x Electrical Distribution Board With Timer Switch
1 x Pool Light
1 x Energy Saving Optimizer
1 x 2 Way Timer
1 x Automatic Pool Cleaner
1 x Inline Feeder
1 x Comprehensive installation instructions
1 x Complete pump and filtration system on steel frame
1 x Pump & Filter Box
1 x Plumbing Kit
1 x Hand Cleaning Maintenance Kit
1 x Start-up & Chemical Kit

DIY – Shell: 1 x Shell

1 x Digging of Hole
1 x Installation of Plumbed shell
1 x Electrical connection of DB board and Filtration system
1 x Pool Light
1 x Energy Saving Optimizer
1 x 2 Way Timer
1 x Automatic Pool Cleaner
1 x Inline Feeder
1 x Pump & Filter box
1 x 300 x 150mm Coping Tile Around The Pool
2 x 300 x 300mm Paving Tiles around the pool

Koi Ponds

Bluetec also supplies a variety of koi ponds and artificial rock features. Please contact us for dimensions and product range.


1. DIY Pool Kits

2. Fully Installed Pools

3. Koi Ponds

4. Artificial Rock and Water Features

5. Pool repairs and Maintenance