Fiberglass buildings

Bluetec Industrial Duty Fibreglass Buildings are tough and durable monolithic structures, formed from the finest materials available.  Our Fibreglass buildings are constructed entirely from industrial rated non-organic materials to achieve maximum endurance, and are manufactured to the most comprehensive specifications in the industry. Ranging in standard sizes from one square meter to sixteen square meters.

Additional features of our Industrial Duty Fibreglass Buildings also include doors, windows and awnings for the protection of externally mounted equipment. Our Fibreglass Buildings can also be equipped with interior and exterior lighting, power distribution, with heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

We can also customize the interior of our Fibreglass buildings with any combination of amenities, including interior walls, lavatories, built in cabinets and workstations, sleeping quarters and any other fixtures required for your application. Our Industrial Duty Fibreglass Buildings live up to their name and are extremely strong structures, making them ideal for the installation furnished equipment such as switchgear, analyzers, and motor control centers. 

Fiberglass modular buildings


Fiberglass modular Buildings can be supplied with noise-reducing insulation and electrical and communications wiring, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing. Specialist toilet and show blocks are also available.


Fiberglass modular Buildings are perfect for events, concerts, festivals and anywhere that security or ticket sales are needed. The buildings provide shelter for staff, and a high profile presence that helps direct visitors. Buildings can be customized to suit a wide range of applications and sites; from ticket offices, to administration and information offices, to specialist toilet and shower blocks.


Fiberglass modular buildings provide a quick, economical and secure storage option that means valuable internal space is not wasted. Fiberglass modular buildings can be used as storage for a range of items from equipment, such as generators, to files, chemicals and cleaners.


Particularly where space may only be available short-term, Fiberglass modular buildings help maximize cash quickly and keep over-heads down. They also provide the perfect "pop-up" business in high traffic areas where space is at a premium


Fiberglass modular office spaces provide flexible, comfortable working space for over-flow from existing buildings or where staff numbers fluctuate, due to the nature of the business. Fiberglass modular offices mean worker comfort and business efficiency need never be compromised.


Fibreglass modular relocatable buildings are the best solution where speed, budget, and limited or temporarily-available space are issues. Our buildings are cost effective, customizable, and comply with all the necessary council permits.

No other kind of building allows such a quick reaction time as Fibreglass modular buildings. Whether it’s in the case of natural disasters, to accommodate temporary staff increases, or to provide classrooms, government and medical facilities, offices and even retail “pop-ups”.

Using a Fibreglass modular building also makes sense financially. It allows businesses and government organizations to control their cash flow and avoid costly building projects. It’s also useful during times of growth where the future or economic climate is uncertain and long-term capital commitments may be premature.

Fibreglass modular buildings provide the flexibility of buildings as stand-alones (especially useful for events and concerts) or configurations that extend and complement existing long-term facilities.

Fibreglass modular buildings are reusable, so they’re very environmentally friendly. Individual buildings may be re-purposed by the same user or moved on to a new use over the span of their life. Regular checks and maintenance ensures every building is delivered in the best possible condition


Choose from our standard building range and add items from our optional extras list. If our standard range does not meet your requirements, our consultants will help you design a building to suit your needs and budget.


All buildings attract a transportation cost.  This cost varies due to the size of the building and the time taken to deliver so please ask our consultants for a delivery quote. We may wish to visit your property to confirm our vehicle can gain access to the drop site.


The standard colour is white with a cloud grey inside finish; other colours are available on request please speak to one of our consultants for assistants.  


Fiberglass Building 1m x 1m

Area: 1m2
Doors: 1
Floor: Included

Fiberglass Building 2m x 2m

Area: 4m2
Doors: 1
Floor: Included

Fiberglass Building 3m x 3m

Area: 9m2
Doors: 1
Floor: Included

Fiberglass Building 4m x 4m

Area: 16m2
Doors: 1
Floor: Included

Fiberglass Building 2m x 1m

Area: 2m2
Doors: 1
Floor: Included

Fiberglass Building 3m x 2m

Area: 6m2
Doors: 1
Floor: Included

Fiberglass Building 4m x 3m

Area: 12m2
Doors: 1
Floor: Included

Optional Extras

  • 500mmx500mm Aluminium Windows
  • Turbine Roof Ventilator
  • Door with Hinges (additional Door)
  • DB Box with 2 plugs & light
  • Air Vents
  • Additional Plugs
  • Additional Lights (Outside)
  • Bench
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Basin
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Partitions