Why Fiberglass?

We are a dynamic and experienced fiberglass production company. Using only the finest materials we have been able to offer new and existing clients with products that are practical and durable. This standard has allowed us to branch out our client base from our head office in Witbank Mpumalanga to servicing areas across the African continent.

Why fiberglass?

Fiberglass (or fibreglass) is the common name for glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or alternatively glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP).

Fiberglass is a fiber reinforced polymer made of plastic reinforced by glass fibers, commonly woven into a mat. The plastic may be a thermosetting plastic- most often epoxy, polyester- or vinylester or a thermoplastic. The glass fibers are made of various types of glass depending upon the fiberglass use.

Fiberglass is a strong lightweight material and is used for many products. Although it's not as strong and stiff as carbon fiber it is less brittle, and its raw materials are much cheaper. Its bulk strength and weight are also better than many metals, and it can be more readily molded into complex shapes.

Fiberglass Production

We provide quality premium fiberglass products in the form of tanks, buildings, septic tanks and swimming pools. All shipped quickly, reliably and to last.