About Fiberglass Lightning Shelters

Why do we recommend Bluetec Lightning Shelters?

Bluetec Industrial Duty Fiberglass Lightning shelters are tough and durable monolithic structures, formed from the finest materials available. Our Fiberglass Lightning Shelter are constructed entirely from industrial rated non-organic materials to achieve maximum endurance relay conductivity, avoid electrical interference, and are manufactured to the most comprehensive specifications in the industry.

Additional features of our Industrial Duty Fiberglass Lightning Shelters also include doors, windows and awnings for the protection of externally mounted equipment. Our Fiberglass Lightning Shelters can also be equipped with interior and exterior lighting, power distribution and ventilation.

We can also customize the interior of our Fiberglass Lightning Shelters with any combination of amenities, including interior walls, lavatories, built in cabinets and workstations, sleeping quarters and any other fixtures required for your application. Our Industrial Duty Fiberglass Lightning Structures live up to their name and are extremely strong structures, making them ideal for the installation furnished equipment such as switchgear, analyzers, mines, site workers, construction workers and so many more.

Why should you be concerned about Lightning?

Lightning kills more people than hail, wind, rain and tornadoes combined, making lightning an important safety consideration. This fact is especially true for people who make a living working outdoors. While the odds of getting struck by lightning are less than one in a million, Environmentalists say that lightning kills six to twelve people every year per country and seriously injures another sixty or seventy people.

Knowing what to do when lightning is close is especially important for people who work outdoors (for example, construction workers, road crews, landscapers and farm workers). Employers need to recognize the hazards associated with electrical storms and, where appropriate, have safe procedures and work systems in place, to minimize the risk of injury or harm to employees, and should review these policies seasonally.

A lightning bolt is a million times more powerful than household current, carrying up to 100 million volts of electricity. When someone is struck by lightning, an electrical shock occurs that can cause burns and even stop the person's breathing.

Avoiding the risk of a lightning strike

If you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance. Immediately go to the nearest well-constructed Fibreglass building or Lightning structure. Fibreglass buildings are described and tested to be safe when positioned in a thunderstorm and will therefore not conduct lightning strikes which immediately eliminate injury or death when struck.